[ic] Customer does not receive e-mail of order (was: Large file uploads failing)

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Aug 12 19:47:01 UTC 2008

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> Hello Group,
> I have hopefully simple request but cannot find in the docs.  Right
> now I have 2 stores up and running.  One thing is the customer is not
> receiving an email receipt of the order.  It does not matter if they
> are logged in as a user or not.  Can somebody please give me a clue
> where to find where to turn this on.  We are getting the email as
> admin, but the customers are not getting the emails.

1) Better start a new thread next time with your question, instead of
hi-jacking another thread.
2) Is the problem existing in both stores or only in one of them?
3) Usually the following is in your catalog.cfg:

# Default route is run if no routes set, this should be last Route
# always
Route   default   master          1
Route   default   cascade         "log main copy_user"
Route   default   empty           1
Route   default   supplant        1
Route   default   write_tables    "inventory userdb transactions orderline"
Route   default   transactions    '__TRANSACTION_TABLES__'
Route   default   email           '__ORDERS_TO__'

And somewhere before this is :

## This route copies the user if they requested that. We don't
## care (much) if it fails, so error_ok is set and failure will
## not cause the order to fail
Route copy_user  <<EOF
        empty        1
        error_ok     1
        encrypt      0
        increment    0
        report       etc/mail_receipt
        supplant     0
        track        logs/log

Check if you have this. Check if you have etc/mail_receipt. Check if you can
send out e-mails from your system (perhaps the e-mails are generated and
they are stuck in some queue because of certain mail rules you have on your
server) ... 



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