[ic] Large file uploads failing

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue Aug 12 20:47:48 UTC 2008

> Uploading files beyond a certain size causes IC to fail to process the
> request.
> I've raised the Apache TimeOut directive value, eliminating the 500
> error to the browser but the file upload still fails. Failures begin at
> around 20Mb.
> I've uploaded files on the order of 1Gb using a simple Perl and CGI.pm
> script with no problems whatsoever. Are there any IC configuration
> variables or IC tuning that could be done to enable it to better handle
> large file uploads?
> I can use my existing Perl script to get around the problem but that
> seems a rather odd way of doing things.
> All insight gratefully received.

Jim, are these going into a Mysql table? I seem to rememeber having trouble
uploading over 20MB into a mysql table as Mysql itself has some sort of
insert file size limit. Changing that fixed everything.

It was Kevin that figured it out after my testing revealed very distinct
failing around a certain file size, which I think was 20MB.

It was so long ago, I no longer rememeber many details though. But if you
are inserting this upload into Mysql - that is definitely what it is.


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