[ic] Large file uploads failing

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Aug 13 13:26:13 UTC 2008

Quoting jimbo (jimbo at soundimages.co.uk):
> Hi,
> Uploading files beyond a certain size causes IC to fail to process the 
> request.
> I've raised the Apache TimeOut directive value, eliminating the 500 
> error to the browser but the file upload still fails. Failures begin at 
> around 20Mb.
> I've uploaded files on the order of 1Gb using a simple Perl and CGI.pm 
> script with no problems whatsoever. Are there any IC configuration 
> variables or IC tuning that could be done to enable it to better handle 
> large file uploads?
> I can use my existing Perl script to get around the problem but that 
> seems a rather odd way of doing things.
> All insight gratefully received.

What version of IC?

I just discovered someone decided to parse the data with Vend::Charset
in 5.6. If you have a file content-type of text, this is probably
the reason.

Hey Charset guys, what happened to disabling that darn thing?

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