[ic] We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable

Davor Ocelic docelic at spinlocksolutions.com
Fri Aug 15 10:29:13 UTC 2008

On Fri, 15 Aug 2008 10:50:11 +0100
"Michael J. Curtis" <michael.curtis at glcweb.co.uk> wrote:
> I do realize that Ubuntu Apache configuration is different in some
> respect to Apache on Fedora, that is, no httpd.conf for makecat to
> parse and this may be the cause of my problem

Makecat only parses that file to fill in default options, nothing else.

> The index page in html space shows but when clicking on the catalog
> link on the page, eventually the above error shows

Right. So your link program gets ran, but it can't contact the IC

Things to check:

> All permissions look good

1) See whether the username under which Apache/link-program is executing
has permissions to open Interchange unix socket

> It looks as though the link program does not know that Interchange
> exists?

2) See whether the link program uses the correct location of the
Interchange's unix socket file.

> One thing that I have noticed is that the link program in my Fedora
> cgi-bin dir is approx 7K but the link program in my
> Ubuntu /usr/apache2/cgi-bin dir is a bit over 11K?.  I do not
> understand the reason for the difference

Different compiler versions or different compile opts.


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