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John Hoy john at effectuality.com
Sun Aug 17 17:10:49 UTC 2008

Hi Gert,

Thanks for the information, the way you suggest is the way I prefer to
do it.  The one thing I cannot understand is how to change the
template of the site.

I have gone to:

admin/miscellaneous/content edit/template edit and there seems to be
no way of editing the layout of the site.

I then went to:

admin/templates and re-configured "noleft" and renamed it "noleft2"
Changing the background, and other edits, but when I went to do a
"change template" to the new "noleft2" the changes did not take, it is
like there is a different place this needs to be changed.  I have been
struggling with this for months now and have given up each attempt to
change templates. I can change it from the standard noleft to top/left
areas etc. but cannot seem to get one of my edited templates to

I would rather change the template than the CSS for the layout.



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>> Thanks Gert,
>> I took it out of CSS and put it in the COPYRIGHT file and now it is
>> there, but offset?
>>  http://westdistribution.com/cgi-bin/gov/index.html
> For what I can see you're messing about trying to get something to work, now
> throwing in some tables etc.
> But it is now nothing is correct (aligning, borders etc).
> What I'd suggest, as this has nothing to do with IC as such, is to grab the
> code that builds the page (ie save the file).
> Then make it a normal HTML file http://westdistribution.com/test.html  and
> fiddle with this until you have it working.
> Especially if you are trying to do something which does not match a change
> of pixels or colours in the standard template, I'd think you'd be better off
> first working out the design and after that incorporating it into IC.
> Also decide if you want to go the table way or the css way ... you can
> combine them, but make the combination useful in that case.
> Good luck fiddling ...
> CU,
> Gert
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