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Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Mon Aug 18 08:53:45 UTC 2008

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> Hi Gert,
> Thanks for the information, the way you suggest is the way I prefer to
> do it.  The one thing I cannot understand is how to change the
> template of the site.
> I have gone to:
> admin/miscellaneous/content edit/template edit and there seems to be
> no way of editing the layout of the site.
> I then went to:
> admin/templates and re-configured "noleft" and renamed it "noleft2"
> Changing the background, and other edits, but when I went to do a
> "change template" to the new "noleft2" the changes did not take, it is
> like there is a different place this needs to be changed.  I have been
> struggling with this for months now and have given up each attempt to
> change templates. I can change it from the standard noleft to top/left
> areas etc. but cannot seem to get one of my edited templates to
> appear.
> I would rather change the template than the CSS for the layout.
> Thanks,
> John

To test it on the standard catalog I did the following.


I went in the Interchange Admin and did:
- http://demo.icdevgroup.org/i/demo1/admin   (demo,demo)
- Miscellaneous  (top navigation)
- Content 
- Template edit (tab under 'Content editor')
- clicked on the 'noleft' template ('Page with top/bottom areas only,
content in middle')
- change the Description field (so you can recognize te template)
- click 'Save'
- put in field 'New name' (left bottom) 'noleft2'
- clicked 'Publish'
- screen shows 'Published noleft2'


In the browser I opened the following page from the standard catalog:
- http://demo.icdevgroup.org/i/demo1/contact
- pages shows left menu and top/right spaces filled
- in the admin I click on 'contact.html'  (which should be showing where you
read the 'Published noleft2'
- in the pulldown menu on the right 'Template: '  you will notice the
Description as you put it
- pick that template
- click 'Change template'
- click 'Publish'
- refresh the 'contact page' you had opened
- if all worked the left menu has disappeared.

This is the process that should be changing your template data ... 

If this did not happen , did it give you any error messages? 

An option is to get the latest ContentEditor.pm from CVS and see if that
solves it.



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