[ic] Postgresql problem (pg newbe)

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Mon Aug 25 00:38:07 UTC 2008


I am new to postgres, and I am having trouble inserting any data via
Interchange, however it looks like it should work.  The IC and catalog
error logs are empty, nothing at all; The postgres log looks like it
inserted a row;  There is a sequence and it moves up perfect;
However, there are no rows of data.  I tried using the admin interface
for the test table, and I also made a regular catalog test page.  Both
give me exact same results, no errors, and no insert; However, when I
insert data via a separate phppgadmin web interface, the insert works

Here is my testtable.pgsql file:

Database  testtable  testtable.txt     __SQLDSN__
Database  testtable  AUTO_SEQUENCE testtable_code_seq
Database  testtable  COLUMN_DEF   "code=bigserial NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY"
Database  testtable  COLUMN_DEF   "testfield=varchar(64)"

Here is my test.html page with data insert:

[tmp testfield]100[/tmp]
  <!-- write data to table-->
  [perl tables=testtable]
   my $db = $Db{testtable};
   my @wanted = qw/ 
    my %record;
    for(@wanted) {
      my $thing = $Scratch->{$_};
      my $keyname = $_;
      $record{$keyname} = $thing;
    $Scratch->{key0} = $db->set_slice(undef, \%record);

here is my postgres log after I hit the test page:

2008-08-24 20:08:37 EDT LOG:  00000: execute dbdpg_p12076_10: insert into testtable (code,testfield) VALUES ($1,$2)
2008-08-24 20:08:37 EDT DETAIL:  parameters: $1 = '14', $2 = '100'
2008-08-24 20:08:37 EDT LOCATION:  exec_execute_message, postgres.c:1862

Seems to work fine, the sequencer always moves up perfectly if I hit the
test page, try to insert with the admin area, or do an insert via
phppgadmin,  However, only the phppgadmin does the real insert. 

Am I missing something simple?

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