[ic] usertag passing args by reference (perl newby)

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Wed Aug 27 08:33:06 UTC 2008

Marco Mescoli wrote:
> Dear list
> Is there an example to pass args to a usertag for reference or have more 
> then one return value from a usertag?

Inside of embedded Perl / UserTags you can pass references back and forth
to Usertags.

In ITL you can do things like:

[calc] $Scratch->{example} = {foo => 'bar', duh => 'xxx'}; return; [/calc]

[mytag myarg=`$Scratch->{example}`]

You can also return something different from a usertag depending on the

 if (wantarray()) {
        return @path;
    } else {
        $joiner = $opt->{joiner} || ' ';
        return join($joiner, @path);

If this tag is called from ITL, it will return the string.
If this tag is called from Perl/UserTag it depends on the context.


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