[ic] flyout with different style

scott andreas scott.andreas at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 20:23:25 UTC 2008

Hello list!

I've edited menu.pm so that I can have a different style than that of
the top level link.

from menu.pm

sub dhtml_flyout {
	my($name, $opt, $template) = @_;

	my @out;
	my $fdiv = $name . "_flyout";

	my $vpf = $opt->{js_prefix} ||= 'mv_';

	my $flyclass = $opt->{toplevel_class} ||= 'barlink';

	$template = <<EOF if $template !~ /\S/;
{MV_LEVEL:}<div>{PAGE?}{MV_SPACER}<a id="{CODE}" href="{PAGE}"
onMouseOver="${vpf}mousein(this)" onMouseOut="${vpf}mouseout(this)"

it defaults to barlink if there isn't a value.

within the control set I have

	[flyout_style]border: 3px solid #b936a5; padding: 2px;[/flyout_style]

Is what I would like to do is have

	my $flyclass = $opt->{toplevel_class} || $opt->{link_class}';

but it won't work until I can get toplevel_class  to work


Scott A
If I put another value for toplevel_class it doen't work.

What am I missing?

thank you group

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