[ic] split or \$myvar is not parsing or interpolte in a right way

jojospace info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Sat Dec 6 17:10:32 UTC 2008

Peter wrote:
> I don't see any \$mydata in the code above, but I can tell you why the
> second split isn't working, it's not the split, it's because when you
> use the [seti] tag to insert the string 1111\n2222\n3333\n into your
> scratch variable it inserts the literal characters '\' and 'n' and not
> the linefeed character "\n".  Your perl code then goes on to split on
> the linefeed character (of which there is none because your input only
> has literal '\' and 'n' characters).  This is not a bug, seti does not
> do perl interpolation on input (in spite of the "i" in the tag name) it
> only interpolates for ITL.

Thank you for the light! I've understand it! :-)

And why ist

sub array_string  {
  my ($name, @data) = @_;
  my $soap_data = SOAP::Data->value(SOAP::Data->name("string" =>
  return SOAP::Data->name($name, \$soap_data);

not working like a normal perl script? \$soap_data make me mad!

Thank you for your helps!


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