[ic] IC and Chinese language

Darnell Hudson hudsondarnell43 at verizon.net
Tue Dec 16 04:16:43 UTC 2008

I am still dealing with this Chinese language issue for a client that I 
now the website that they are currently on is a php software and it 
reads the
Chinese language right. But IC does not read Chinese when I change the 
Variable MV_HTTP_CHARSET UTF8 and in the database it does not read it 
right unless reupload the products then it does
but I don't to do this cause this client has of 6,000 products. So why 
can't IC read this.
It's all transfered from mysql to postgresql. Is there anything else I 
can do to get IC to read Chinese right. Now if put big5 then it read 
have some characters don't show right  like ACSII.

So if anyone has any Idea that would be good. I am want to get them of 
the current  stuff  ASA.

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