[ic] Renaming catalog.cfg - Managing multiple catalogs

Marty Tennison marty at dripdepot.com
Fri Dec 19 21:29:26 UTC 2008

Hi Group,

I'm working on a strategy for managing multiple catalogs that share a
large amount of data and/or files.   To do this, I'm trying to come up
with a file structure and configuration layout that uses shared files
and directories.  The problem I'm running into is how to startup a
catalog, which is using a shared instance of catalog.cfg and somehow
know what catalog is being started so that I can read only the target
catalogs configuration files.  I'm trying to use a shared catalog
directory for all catalogs and then define specific directories per
catalog for just the catalog specific stuff. Does this make sense?

My thought was to use

    Catalog standard directive  Variable  STORE_ID  standard

in the interchange.cfg file and then use...

Database __STORE_ID__variables.txt TAB
VariableDatabase __STORE_ID__variables    

in the catalog.cfg file, but that did not work.  (and I'm not sure why) 

So then I thought I'd look for a way to specify the name of catalog.cfg,
but it looks like that may be hard coded. 

So, I'm kinda stuck.    Is there a more graceful way to accomplish this?

Any help is much appreciated. 


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