[ic] Using external database causing intermittent errors

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sun Feb 3 17:56:15 EST 2008

>> Can any perl gurus shed some light?
> test1$ /usr/bin/cpan Storable
>   Will get your Storable for /usr/bin/perl on host test1 up to date  
> with your other Storables.
> Is the session directory shared by both hosts?
> I abandoned the use of Storable when I ran into problems with a mix of  
> i686 hosts and x86_64 hosts sharing the same session directory. I  
> don't remember the details nor did I do much debugging. I just stopped  
> using Storable for sessions and the problems went away.
> Bill Carr
> bill at worldwideimpact.com

Thanks - I see that I'm not the first to encounter this issue. Updating 
the Storable seems not to have helped.

These machines both are using the shared mysql database for sessions. 
Should I try a 32-bit perl on the 64-bit machine, or is there some way 
to disable to use of Storable ?


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