[ic] Code behaves differently on catalog pages and in IC Jobs

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Tue Feb 5 10:32:40 EST 2008

Ton Verhagen wrote:
> Dear All,
> In order to generate Google sitemaps for our various
> domains we developed a UserTag called google-sitemap.
> Brief background:
> 1. Sites are multi-lingual
> 2. Each 'language' has its own domain name
> (e.g. English: mydomain.com, German: mydomain.de, etc.)
> 3. Relevant code:
> # Set domain. Make sure proper domain shows up in links
> my $vhost = $opts->{domain} || '';
> my $vendurl_save = $Config->{VendURL};
> $Config->{VendURL} = "http://${vhost}" if $vhost;
>         ...
>         generate urls using area tag
>         ...
> # Reset domain setting
> $Config->{VendURL} = $vendurl_save if $vhost;
> The above code works fine as long as the UserTag is being
> used on a catalog page or on the test-code form in the admin.
> When called like: [google-sitemap domain="www.mydomain.de"]
> The domain www.mydomain.de shows up in all URL's.
> So far so good.
> However when the UserTag is called in an Interchange Job the
> wrong domain (always default domain) shows up in the generated
> links. No matter which domain name is provided in the UserTag call.
> It looks like VendURL is not being set to the domain name provided.
> Any ideas what causes this behaviour, and more importantly,
> how could we fix this?
> We would like to have the UserTag behave the same, no matter where
> it is called: in IC Jobs or on normal catalog pages.

How does your job looks like ?


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