[ic] SocketReadTimeout question

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 18:39:59 EST 2008

> > Does anyone have any more info on why SocketReadTimeout came into
> > being?  Is it designed to solve some broken pipe problems?
> One of the core developers discovered that there are some ssl proxy
> servers on a particular ISP that take longer to respond than the
> (previously hard-coded) 1 second default.  If you have this problem with
> some of your customers then setting this value to something higher than
> 5 or so will allow those proxy servers to work.  On the downside it can
> also make IC more vulnerable to a certain type of DOS attack so you
> shouldn't adjust this unless you really need to.
> Peter

Thanks Peter.  How would that type of problem make itself known?  ssl_error_log?

- Gramt

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