[ic] SocketReadTimeout question

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 03:06:21 EST 2008

On Wednesday, February 06, 2008 2:06 AM Grant wrote:

>>> Does anyone have any more info on why SocketReadTimeout came into
>>> being?  Is it designed to solve some broken pipe problems?
>> Yes, we noticed that the callback POST request from the banking
>> systems' 3D secure authentication pages (credit card Verified by
>> Visa and Mastercard Securecode authentication pages), was resulting
>> in an Internal Server Error for some users.
> Should use of this directive only be necessary if these banking
> authentication systems are in place?
This was the only instance where we saw an Internal Server Error returned. 
But there was nothing special about the request other than it was a fairly 
large POST request (request body of about 4K).  If it was the size of the 
request body that caused the delay of over 1 second then I suppose other 
scenarios where a timeout might occur would include uploading images.  We 
only saw a problem for a minority of users - seemed to be dial up users, and 
of this subset, possibly only users behind certain ISP web cache proxy 

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