[ic] Non-US keys = UTF-8 issue?

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Fri Feb 8 12:44:54 EST 2008


>> Email order receipt will not be send as UTF8 charset, so it's quite
>> plausible that Swedish characters are messed up. Proper UTF8 support
>> is still under development.
>> Regards
>>          Racke
> Will IC pass unicode characters properly to mysql?  Should they be
> displayed properly with [value]?

As has been noted in this thread already, full unicode support is far  
from trivial, and is something that can be difficult to put in as an  
afterthought.  If you are just concerned with the out-going emails  
(i.e., the site appears to function fine), you can try to use one of  
the following approaches:

If you are using the [email] tag to send out your confirmation/order  
emails and you know that all of the data will be in the UTF-8  
encoding, you can add explicit calls to the tag usertag to output  
mime headers as shown:

[email <to, from, etc> extra="[tag op=mime arg=header]"]
[tag op='mime' type='text/plain; charset="utf-8"']
<body content here>

Another option (depending on how much you want to get your hands  
dirty) is to roll-your-own email sending usertag/routine in Perl  
which can harness both Encode and MIME::Lite to explicitly manage/ 
handle the coercion of data to the desired encoding.

Please note that if you have non-ascii data that you want to appear  
in the email headers (to, from, subject, etc) you will need to  
explicitly encode the data using the MIME-Header encoding to handle  
this properly.

Good Luck,

David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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