[ic] IDE for IC

Chris Rapier rapier at psc.edu
Sun Feb 10 22:01:07 EST 2008

Rick Bragg wrote:

>   What os/distro do you use for IC server?

Generally whatever the client is paying for. If its a difficult set up 
then they pay more.

>   What os/distro do you use for personal (laptop)?

OS X 10.4 for initial development. Vista/XP for testing. Debian with 
XAMPP for server testing.

>   What IDE('s) do you use for development?

None at the time. Generally I do most of the work in xemacs. A good IDE 
for IC would be nice though.

>   Other thoughts on developing IC applications?

Yeah, someone needs to create a real manual so learning how to use IC 
isn't like pulling teeth. After dropping out of the IC scene for couple 
years coming back is almost as difficult as when I first started 8 years 
ago. Being that this is never going to happen document everything you 
write. When you have to go back 9 months later to update a site you'll 
love yourself for doing it.

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