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Doug Whiteley doug at scotwebshops.com
Mon Feb 11 06:42:08 EST 2008

Rick Bragg wrote:
>   What os/distro do you use for IC server?
We use Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu Server, and RHEL to serve various 
interchange sites.
>   What os/distro do you use for personal (laptop)?
At work I use a couple of mac minis, one with Ubuntu on it and one with 
OS X, running synergy to share mouse+keyboard.
>   What IDE('s) do you use for development?
Vim and subversion. We have a devsite that we test changes on which also 
hosts a subversion repo of all our catalogs and interchange tags etc. 
Any changes get checked in on the devsite then checked out on the 
production servers. Very minor tweaks sometimes just get edited live, 
but changes are always checked back in to svn.
>   Other thoughts on developing IC applications?

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