[ic] IDE for IC

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Feb 11 10:48:27 EST 2008

Quoting Rick Bragg (lists at gmnet.net):
> I'm interested in peoples thoughts and experiences on IDE's for
> Interchange.  
> Here are a couple of questions that I hope spark some activity.
> As an IC developer: 
>   What os/distro do you use for IC server?

We use Centos here, but our clients use everything from FreeBSD to
RHEL to Gentoo Solaris.

>   What os/distro do you use for personal (laptop)?

Centos 5. I got sick of upgrading Fedora every time I turned
around...though I may end up switching to Ubuntu so I can get some more
bleeding-edge apps.

>   What IDE('s) do you use for development?

Vim and CVS.

>   Other thoughts on developing IC applications?

Put most of your complicated logic in UserTag, ActionMap, and other
compiled routines. That is the big advantage of IC over PHP and other
templated development platforms. While you can obviously create PHP
modules, not a lot do and pages slowly become "include" and spaghetti
code nightmares.

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