[ic] Sessions in PostgreSQL

Doug Whiteley doug at scotweb.co.uk
Fri Feb 15 04:20:02 EST 2008

Jon Jensen wrote:
> (1) It modifies the row before it's ever written to disk, instead of 
> doing a separate UPDATE, and so is more efficient -- almost no impact.
Yeah, that's going to help.
> (2) It uses the wallclock time instead of the start of transaction 
> time, which may not matter much for sessions, but can be nice when 
> making numerous updates in longer-running transactions, to see the 
> order of operations. (Other times you may want the start of 
> transaction time instead; it just depends on the circumstance.)
We're not going to need such fine granularity, but it won't do any harm.
> When using this function, your trigger should fire *before*, not *after*
Yep. We were originally doing other things in other places with the same 
trigger, but have moved those elsewhere now.


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