[ic] No folder node images in product tree

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Fri Feb 15 14:47:03 EST 2008

Thomas Dukleth wrote:
> Reply inline
> On Fri, February 15, 2008 3:20 am, Kevin Walsh wrote:
> [...]
>> Check that your DOCROOT variable is correct in your variable.txt file.
>> It should be set to the full path to your Apache DocumentRoot directory.
>> That directory should contain an "/images" directory, or whatever your
>> ImageDir directive is set to.
> [...]
> Setting DOCROOT to /var/www/shops/standard , which seems to be correct for
> my mostly generic defaults based standard catalog installation from Debian
> packages seems not to be enough.  I am currently working with Debian
> packages built from the 20080213 nightly snapshot.
> Please overlook what may seem like a few misplaced bug report messages in
> my reply.  I would like to determine if it is possible for me to work with
> the Debian packages before trying a build from pure source even if I have
> to purge, reinstall and adjust config files many more times.  If I
> succeed, there should be some good information for people just starting to
> work with Interchange from the Debian packages which could also be used to
> improve the packages themselves.

Thomas, thanks for your detailed problem report. I'll act upon that ASAP.


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