[ic] Standard catalog Customer Entrance or Admin Interface = "Interchange not available"

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Feb 28 21:56:44 EST 2008

On 02/28/2008 06:30 PM, New ICuser wrote:
> When I point my browser at (local.server.name)/standard, I get an
> Interchange panel that has the store name I specified, and links to
> Customer Entrance at (local.server.name)/cgi-bin/standard/index.html,
> and to Admin Interface at
> (local.server.name)/cgi-bin/standard/admin/index.html.  Clicking on
> either of these links just makes the browser (Firefox spin
> "loading" for several minutes, after which it displays an "Interchage
> server may not be running" message.  However, I know Interchange is
> running,

That message means that the link script (vlink) can't connect to the 
socket file for the active Interchange server.  Common reasons for this 

* Interchange server is not running.

* vlink script has incorrect location for socket file.

* vlink script does not have permission to connect to the socket file.

Of all of these the third is probably the most common.  See:

For more info about this problem and possible solutions.


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