[ic] New to Interchange, trying to upgrade from a VERY old version

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Tue Jan 1 03:10:09 EST 2008

On Mon, 31 Dec 2007, Scott Courtney wrote:

> We have a new server running RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0. I need to get 
> Interchange off of the old server and onto the new server quickly

Hi, Scott.

A few high-level recommendations:

* Don't change anything you don't absolutely have to during this 
migration, till you have things working on the new server. Simple is 
better when you're new to the software in question. I wouldn't mess with 
your Apache config, or try moving from GDBM to MySQL, yet.

* When migrating an Interchange catalog, migrate the whole thing. Don't 
try to take a brand new makecat'd catalog and manually apply various 
settings and copy over various file. Take the whole catalog directory.

* Contrary to that advice, the global interchange.cfg is small and simple 
enough that you are better off using the newer version and manually adding 
any custom changes from the old one.

* If you're missing Perl modules, start by installing 
Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink from CPAN. And DBD::mysql, since you're 
planning on using that.

* See the UPGRADE document in the Interchange distribution for notes on 

* Ask here on the mailing list about whatever problem you're currently 
facing after you've done whatever you can. You'll usually get better help 
when asking about one specific problem, rather than the whole deal which 
is a lot for anyone to bite off without access to your servers.

* Have fun! :)


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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