[ic] Interchange Order Manager and CRM?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Jan 3 09:30:26 EST 2008

On 01/02/2008 09:02 PM, NCSX, Inc wrote:
> Hello Group, are there any third party modules or programs that allow
> retailers running an Interchange store to manage their orders?
> For example, if we receive 100 orders in an afternoon, is there a
> front-end program that'll automatically download the orders from the
> Interchange store and print the respective invoices? Once the invoices
> are processed, the program would then update each order on the
> Interchange shop as being shipped so customers can see their order has
> been dispatched.
> We're looking for something that's similar to this program:
> http://www.stoneedge.com/OrderManager.htm
> However, that program's support for Interchange is minimal and it can
> only "Direct Import" orders. It can't import customer or product lists
> and it can't update Interchange with a "shipped" order status. Thanks in
> advance for any suggestions.

I'm not aware of any "out of the box" programs that do what you want,
however, it would not be difficult to implement these things directly in
IC itself.  To print orders you simply need to set up an interface that
will automatically print off the received emails.  Alternatively it
should be relatively easy to set IC up to dump a copy of it's report to
a print queue somewhere.  If you want something more customized than the
standard IC order report then just make up a file similar to report and
add it to your order routes.

As for updating the order status, what's wrong with the admin UI?  Of
course you could also write a custom IC admin page with the interface
set up the way you want, then you just need a computer set up with a
browser in the order processing area.

For any external program to do this it simply needs to plug into the SQL
tables (assuming that you are using an SQL db) and update the orderline
and transactions tables.


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