[ic] emailing 2 different reports

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Jan 4 15:05:50 EST 2008

At 01:37 PM 1/4/2008, you wrote:
>Quick question.  When you select an item in IC which has an option 
>(i.e., small, med, large, red, green, yellow, etc) only one SKU is 
>used in the order processing.
>This is a bit of a problem since, for accounting purposes, we have a 
>SKU assigned to every item in stock.  This means itemX Small will 
>have a different SKU then itemX Large.
>Is there a way to handle this in IC?  Or am I going to have to do this myself?

One simple option would be to include your internal sku along with 
each option description, so you shipping dept will grab the correct item.



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