[ic] moving sessions to mysql - no luck

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Wed Jan 16 10:03:57 EST 2008

>> Can any suggest something I should check?
> Yes, use the SessionDB directive, not SessionDatabase.
> Jon
> -- 
> Jon Jensen
> End Point Corporation
> http://www.endpoint.com/

Ok - so these lines go into catalog.cfg correct?

SessionType DBI
SessionDB sessions
Variable SESSION_USER myusername
Variable SESSION_PASS mypassword
Variable SESSION_DSN dbi:mysql:mycatalog:localhost

Also, do these lines go into catalog.cfg, or into a new file 
.../dbconf/mysql/sessions.sql ?

Database  sessions  sessions.txt  __SESSION_DSN__
Database  sessions  USER          __SESSION_USER__
Database  sessions  PASS          __SESSION_PASS__
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "code=VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY"
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "session=TEXT"
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "sessionlock=VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT ''
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "last_accessed=TIMESTAMP(14)"

I think I'm still missing something :(


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