[ic] UserTag and locale Problem

Lars Tode lars.tode at bpanet.de
Fri Jan 18 04:22:50 EST 2008

Hi list,
may be some has an idea or a hint for the following problem.
I still did not get it yet.
A UserTag, lets call it check_basket, should controll some things like
the minimum order value, the maximum order value and other stuff.
If, for example, the total is less then the minimum order value,
check_basket should set the error message "some text" using error:
    name  => 'my_error',
    set   => $error_msg
$error_msg is set in this way
my $error_msg    =  $Tag->filter(
    'op'  => 'loc html2text vars_and_comments',
    interpolate => 1,
    body  => 'some text'
The locale.txt:
code    en_US
some text   Some text [user_tag] again text 
I added $Tag->log() to have a look, what is set in error. It seems that
the UserTag is not parsed.
The log - file contains the follown text message:
Some text [user_tag] again text

If interpolate_html() or $Tag->loc() is used, it produce the same

*help* :-(



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