[ic] moving sessions to mysql - no luck

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sat Jan 19 11:26:58 EST 2008

> Do you have query logging enabled in MySQL, and can you see even a 
> connection attempt being made?
> Does the sessions table exist in MySQL? Can you connect with a simple Perl 
> program using the DSN, user, and pass you supplied?
> In interchange.cfg, is DEBUG set and DataTrace enabled, and debug logging 
> going somewhere? Anything showing up there?
> You could try deleting your file-based session directory entirely as well, 
> and it should throw a 500 error if it's trying to write there but can't, 
> indicating it's not using database sessions.
> Jon

The table does exist in the store's database. The store runs ok so the 
DSN, user and pass should be ok. I renamed the session/ folder to 

I added these lines to my catalog.cfg:

Variable        MYSQL_SESSIONS_YES      1
Variable        SESSION_USER    myuser
Variable        SESSION_PASS    mypass
Variable        SESSION_DSN     dbi:mysql:mycatalog

Message Enabling MySQL-based sessions...
SessionType DBI
Database  sessions  sessions.txt __SESSION_DSN__
Database  sessions  USER         __SESSION_USER__
Database  sessions  PASS         __SESSION_PASS__
Database  sessions  KEY          code
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF   "code=varchar(64) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY"
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF   "session=text"
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF   "sessionlock=VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT ''"
Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF   "last_accessed=TIMESTAMP(14)"
SessionDB   session
Message ...Done

Message MySQL-based sessions not enabled.

but when I try to restart IC, it hangs after displaying the "Enabling 
MySQL-based sessions..." message. I see no errors in the IC logs nor 
much of interest when I try 'top'. Maybe I'm not waiting long enough, 
but nothing appears to be happening. Doing a Ctrl-C, setting 
MYSQL_SESSIONS_YES to zero and again restarting IC brings the store back.

It seems odd that no errors get logged and I'm not sure how to proceed ?

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