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Doug Whiteley doug at scotwebshops.com
Mon Jan 21 10:38:15 EST 2008

DB wrote:
> I'm looking into clustering for my IC stores. Once of the HA software 
> packages that I'm considering has what may be a very serious drawback: 
> all requests sent to the clustered servers lack the visitor's original 
> IP address. Instead all requests come in using the IP of the box that 
> runs the HA server.
> Since IC uses the visitors IP for the session ID among other things, 
> it seems like this might be a bad idea. Does anyone have thoughts or 
> suggestions?
We use Linux Virtual Server to do simple load balancing with one 
load-balancing box (director) and two real servers, which is pretty easy 
to set up and manage, but doesn't really qualify as proper HA. However, 
it also works very well with heartbeat, if you need more robust solution 
to automatically detect failures in directors and switch to other 
machines, etc. It is possible to use LVS to create complete automomous, 
automatic-failover, highly load-balanced server clusters if you want.


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