[ic] Cluster / IP question

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Mon Jan 21 11:53:32 EST 2008

> I'm looking into clustering for my IC stores. Once of the HA software 
> packages that I'm considering has what may be a very serious 
> drawback: 
> all requests sent to the clustered servers lack the visitor's 
> original 
> IP address. Instead all requests come in using the IP of the box that 
> runs the HA server.
> Since IC uses the visitors IP for the session ID among other 
> things, it 
> seems like this might be a bad idea. Does anyone have thoughts or 
> suggestions?

It sounds like their system is balancing at a high level (like http
traffic), rather than the raw IP data. This might have the advantage of
being able to inspect URLs and route accordingly, but a lack of IP will
cause you problems with sessions. 

If you want a commercial, supported version of this you could look at
http://www.sentralsystems.com/load.html (UK) which includes a HA pair
running heartbeat. Certainly their systems present as the correct IP. 

In any case, a properly configured system running ldirectord should be able
to do the job for you.

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