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Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 08:14:24 EST 2008

> Dear All,
> (Off topic: hope it's not too offensive)
> I am wondering if anyone has any pointers regarding the following.
> 1. When someone posts an add on e.g. eBay it almost instantly
> can be found in Google. However, when I make changes to a
> website and send a new sitemap to Google it seems to take
> forever before the newly added or changed information can be
> found in Google.
> 2. Some sites rank extremely high in Google for certain search
> terms even though the content of their pages doesn't have hardly
> any bearing on the search terms used. Also hardly any other sites
> linking to them.
> How is it possible that they have such a high ranking?
> Please note:
> - We use short urls containing search terms
> - Meta information like title, description and keywords are provided
> - Pages contain keywords etc in the body.
> - We use Google sitemaps
> I really welcome your input !
> As this posting is off topic you'd better contact me off list I suppose.
> Many thanks in advance !
> Best regards,
> Ton

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- Grant

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