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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Jul 3 20:05:35 UTC 2008

Quoting Michael J. Curtis (michael.curtis at glcweb.co.uk):
> Er Why?
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More importantly to me, what the heck is this junk? If we are sending
*anything* through "netcentral.co.uk" I would like to know about it.

If it is your mailer adding that to every email message, how rude is
that? It is the sign of either 1) blatant use of your email for
advertising, or 2) a complete and utter newbie writing something
that acts as a mail transport.

The place for any kind of notice like that is the header, of course.
(Any misguided ideas that it will tell a user something useful are
another sign of cluelessness.)

As far as unsubscribing, I wasn't aware that bounces did that. But
obviously it is now -- we used to have it set "nomail". 

    Jul 03 09:00:02 2008 (27770) interchange-users: \
	michael.curtis at glcweb.co.uk deleted after exhausting notices

It is quite possible that your "netcentral.co.uk", besides tampering
with your messages, is not receiving mail all that reliably.

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