[ic] Shipping.asc help - free_or_upsg not working

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sat Jul 19 19:33:39 UTC 2008

Quoting William Fiore (william.fiore at gmail.com):
> Quoting Mike Heins (mike at perusion.com)
> >Are you positive your items have weight? And that there is a zip
> >code available at the time you are showing shipping?
> Mike, all of the other shipping methods appear fine so I don't think
> it is a weight issue, and I do have a zip code entered. I actually
> tried removing the free_or_upsg method and just having a UPSG method
> and that doesn't show either. So I think there is a problem with the
> UPSG method all togther, but all I did was copy it from the UPSS
> method and change the table name to Ground. Any idea why just this
> method wouldn't be working?

Did you go into the admin (or do [data Ground 5 5]) and make sure the
Ground table is really operational? You can have permission issues
or any number of things.

Actually, if you are in DEBUG and look at the .structure file you
can check the ship mode and make sure all is fine.

Good luck!

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