[ic] Shipping.asc help - free_or_upsg not working

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Sun Jul 20 13:50:32 UTC 2008

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> Quoting Mike Heins (mike at perusion.com)
> >Did you go into the admin (or do [data Ground 5 5]) and make sure the
> >Ground table is really operational? You can have permission issues
> >or any number of things.
> Mike, I tested [data Ground 5 5] and it returned 6.05. Does this mean
> it is not a table permission issue?

Looks like your table works (of course you should check yourself if it
returns the correct data in your Ground.csv file).
In my case it returned 4.96 and that matched the value on row 5 column 5 (do
not count header row).

Have you already tried to switch debugging on and uncomment the debug
statements in lib/Vend/Ship.pm  ?
Have you tried to change the >>UPSG to one of the other shipping methods
just to see if it would follow through with any other one?
Do you always put weight with your products? If not it probably would have
problems as well.
Also that the first group has min 0 max 0 , the second min 0 max 1000 and
the thirds min 150 max 999999 doesn't seem to make sense.
Although the default is that in case of overlap it will match the first
matching criteria I'd make sure that I do not have overlap.



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