[ic] Authorize.net works via [charge], not via &charge

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 19:58:44 UTC 2008

>> I use Authorize.net within interchange via [charge] in a sort of
>> "virtual terminal" I set up in ITL.  I'd like to switch over to having
>> the charge take place automatically upon placement of an order, at
>> this point without giving feedback to the user about the result of the
>> charge.  I added these to catalog.cfg:
>> Variable MV_PAYMENT_ID mYiD
>> Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE sale
>> and:
>> &charge=authorizenet
>> to the mv_form_profile on the checkout page right under:
>> &credit_card=standard visa mc discover amex
>> When I submit an order like this I get the &credit_card error (if that
>> makes sense).  Am I leaving something out?
>> I must admit I don't have a proper order route set up, and instead
>> have an mv_form_profile on the checkout page and then a bunch of
>> processing inside [tmp hide][/tmp] on the order receipt page.  I know
>> that's disgusting.  It's left over from when I couldn't get order
>> routes to work years ago.
>> Can I continue like this for now and get authorizenet working, or do I
>> have to set up a proper order route?
> We stopped using &charge from order profiles a couple years ago.
> Instead it's recommended you use the [charge] tag inside your
> etc/log_transaction file.  Have a look at the standard demo code to see
> how it's done.
> Peter

Thank you Peter.  I'm having trouble getting etc/log_transaction to
execute.  I'm trying to do this as simply as possible and I've created
etc/log_transaction, added the following to catalog.cfg (which is my
only Route definition):

Route default report etc/log_transaction

and added the following to the checkout page:

<input type="hidden" name="mv_order_route" value="default" />

I know using mv_order_route in a form field is deprecated, but I
couldn't tell from the docs how else I should be calling it.  I don't
see any reference to an order route in the standard demo checkout.html
either.  Can you point out what I'm missing here?

- Grant

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