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> This what I have in the results.html from the demo store
> [comment]
> ui_page: results.html
> ui_type: page
> ui_name: results.html
> ui_page_template: leftright
> ui_source: pages/results.html
> ui_template: Yes
> ui_template_name: leftright
> [/comment]
> [tmp page_title]__COMPANY__ -- [L]Search results[/L][/tmp]
> [tmpn members_only][/tmpn]
> [control reset=1]
> [control-set]
> 	[component]search_box_small[/component]
> [/control-set]
> [control-set]
> 	[component]product_tree[/component]
> [/control-set]
> [control-set]
> 	[component][/component]
> [/control-set]
> [control-set]
> 	[component]results_buylist[/component]
> [/control-set]
> [control-set]
> 	[component]cross[/component]
> 	[banner][L]Also see...[/L][/banner]
> 	[cols]2[/cols]
> 	[size]2[/size]
> [/control-set]
> [control-set]
> 	[component]random[/component]
> 	[banner][L]Specials[/L][/banner]
> 	[cols]1[/cols]
> 	[size]3[/size]
> [/control-set]
> [control reset=1]
> [include top]
> [include left]
> <!-- BEGIN CONTENT -->
> <!-- END CONTENT -->
> [include right]
> [include bottom]

- Did you get any errors in your logfiles?
- Did the page show *nothing* at all or did it show some layout and a
message such as:
  Sorry, no matches for <B>[your search query]</B>.
- The above template makes use of the results_buylist component,
  But you'd just better check some examples on how to create a results page
with something like:

DESCRIPTION:  [item-description]  <br/>



  This should show you all descriptions found during the search, and if
nothing matched your query it shows 'NO MATCHES' ... 

  And you need  <input type="text" size="30" name="mv_searchspec">  as the
field to do the search, I do not see that in your mail of the data you have
on your search page.

Overall it will help to:
1) research what you want to do by checking docs at www.icdevgroup.org  or
interchange.rtfm.info  and search the mailinglist. 
2) cut your problem up in clear parts to try (instead of starting to copy
whole pages where you have no clue what it does)
3) really try to understand what you are doing. If you do not understand, go
a step back, understand that and then continue.
4) when you have a question to provide enough information for someone to
assist you. I ask for information and you give me bits and pieces. People in
general don't have time for "spoon feeding". Not meant nasty, but it will
give you an idea why eventually nobody will be answering any more of your
5) also do not 'top-post' (add your answer either at the bottom or the
relevant area in the reply) ... Silly thing, but when you top-post you will
lose people reading your mails, believe me.

Anyway good luck with your site migration.



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