[ic] Apply strip filter globally

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Jun 5 17:05:57 UTC 2008

Quoting Jon Jensen (jon at endpoint.com):
> On Thu, 5 Jun 2008, jimbo wrote:
> >>>> Filter  email.*   strip
> >>>> Filter  text.*    entities
> >
> >> And I can imagine one wouldn't want to be stripping anything from a search
> >> query, in case I want to search for ' able', I would not want to have
> >> returned 'table', 'lable', 'stable' etc ... So not my times that you'd not
> >> want to strip, but this would be one of them.
> >
> > Then override it, just as it's done now for any default configuration
> > setting. I don't like the default interpolate=1 for [filter] so I simply
> > override it. Big deal. Boo, hoo, hoo. I suspect you can do the same.
> How do you propose the override mechanism should work? Tags are called 
> explicitly somewhere, whereas this filter would happen at page load time 
> behind the scenes. Where would we override the behavior? In the form 
> itself would seem to be easiest, but that would also end up making it 
> effectively optional, as any malicious/mischievous user could override it 
> and it thus couldn't be relied upon.
> >> And I'd say it to be catalog specific, not global interchange directive.
> >
> > Make it global and let individual catalogues override the default.
> Similar question here. So imagine we set a global Filter directive. How 
> would the catalog override it? Perhaps a pseudo-filter reserved name 
> "none"?
> In any case I think a catalog directive makes more sense. This kind of 
> thing is exactly what we normally do in catalog directives. Making it a 
> default in the Standard demo would have the effect of applying it nearly 
> everywhere, and I'm not sure what benefit a global directive would add.

I strongly disagree with having Filter be applied automatically. But
it should not be too hard to create a NoFilterWildcard directive
which would allow certain variables to not apply for wildcards.
That would allow

	NoFilterWildcard mv_searchspec
	Filter * strip

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