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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Jun 12 13:34:02 UTC 2008

Quoting Angus Rogerson (arogerso at admmail.uwaterloo.ca):
> Hello,
> I have a number of ways of searching books in our university bookstore - 
> author, title, course etc. I also have one search which provides a 
> personal booklist based on confidential course registration information 
> from the registrar. The customer must authenticate (using JA-SIG CAS) to 
> use this search. The authentication works but only when I have 'secure' 
> set properly. There are some scenarios where secure is not set.
> AlwaysSecure lets me choose particular pages which must use the SecureURL 
> instead of VendURL. However, all searches come up as search.html, so 
> AlwaysSecure is all or nothing for search results.
> Is there an equivalent to AlwaysSecure which will let me specify the 
> search results for one type of search as secure, and not require the other 
> types to be secure.
> So, require this
>  	search.html?mv_profile=student_search
> which displays
>  	results_student.html
> to always be secure.
> But, allow this
>  	search.html?mv_profile=author_search
> which displays
>  	results_author.html
> to not be secure.

This is a chicken and egg situation. We receive the search spec
*after* the search has been initiated, so your protocol selection
has already been done. 

You need to take care of this when you do the form or URL. I 
presume a form here.

If you wanted it to change based on a dropdown, you should get
some JavaScript together to change the action.

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