[ic] search not working

Darnell Hudson hudsondarnell43 at verizon.net
Wed Jun 18 05:14:41 UTC 2008

I been try to get my search working for my client did a little search on 
how to do the search but still
does not work.
This what I have in my search area
<form action="[area search]" method="post" name="top_search">
    <input type="hidden" name="mv_searchspec" value="">
        <div id="search">

            <span id="searchlabel">Search</span>
            <span id="searchinput"><input id="input_box" type="text" 
name="mv_searchspec" /></span>
            <span id="searchbutton"><input type="image" 
src="searchbutton.gif" alt="Search" /></span>

this is my code for the results page

 [item-description]  <br/>


does this search the database or does it search a file.

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