[ic] PostgreSQL 8.3

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Wed Jun 18 21:56:15 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-18 at 15:11 -0600, Jon Jensen wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Jun 2008, Rick Bragg wrote:
> > I had debug logging enabled with IC, and there is nothing there, I
> > turned on verbose logging with Pg.  It just hangs when I restart IC.
> Odd.
> What exact operating system, CPU architecture, etc. are you using?
ubuntu hardy, 64bit (dell 1900 - 2 quad core 64bit processors)

> Is Postgres running on the same machine? (That is, do you have the same 
> client library version as the server version?)
yes, same localhost for both IC and Pg

> Are you connecting via UNIX or INET socket to Postgres?
I'm not sure about how IC connects to Pg, but IC is in "low" traffic
mode, and catalogs are connecting to IC via INET (tlink) mode.

> > 2008-06-18 16:49:33 EDT LOG:  08P01: unexpected EOF on client connection
> > 2008-06-18 16:49:33 EDT LOCATION:  SocketBackend, postgres.c:323
> Did the above Postgres log messages appear before or after you killed the 
> hanging Interchange?
After it is killed. There is nothing in the log before I kill it.

> What does "grep log_ postgresql.conf" return? (That'll help to know what 
> *not* to expect in the log.)
log_error_verbosity = verbose
log_line_prefix = '%t '

My responses are threaded above.  I hope this is OK, and not considered
"top posting"

Thanks again!

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