[ic] process.html - Table not found problem

David Etheredge David_e at charter.net
Tue Jun 24 16:29:17 UTC 2008

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>> I keep getting an error when users try to access their order status.
>> from error.log:  cgi-bin/cart.cgi/process.html Table TRANSACTIONS not 
>> found
>> in databases
>> The needed files are present in the products directory and have the 
>> correct
> You will have to give more information  for the readers of this list to 
> offer insight.
> What version is IC?
> What type database are you using: flatfile, mysql etc...
> If IC is taking orders correctly, can you look at the transaction file to 
> see if it has any data?
> Transactions, and orderline work together, unless you have some strange 
> customized version of IC.
> Steve
I do not think that interchange itself is the problem, probably a setup 
issue. I have 2 carts, 1 works fine, the other has the database issues.

running IC 4.9.3

GDBM available (v1.08)
No Berkeley DB_File.
LDAP available (v0.36)
DBI enabled (v1.605), available drivers:

All of the tables (.gdbm) are present and accessible from the Admin.

I recently deleted all of the gdbm files and they were all rebuilt from the 
txt files.

I was having problems with orderline but they do not appear to be a problem 

I do find in the error log that at times I get the tables OPTIONS, 
MERCHANDIZING, and VARIABLE not found in addition to TRANSACTIONS.

Yes, TRANSACTION and ORDERLINE are updated, both txt and gdbm files.

A sample error.log line is
cgi-bin/cart.cgi/query/check_orders.html Table TRANSACTIONS not found in 

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