[ic] Too many "Product Groups?" / 50 Limit Problem

L C iluvsnm2 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 12:47:14 EST 2008

Hello All,
I beg of you to be kind and exact because I'm such a
nubie and not sure what I'm doing plus know next to
nothing as far as Perl.
I am trying to create a separate page titled, "Shop by
Category" which would populate all prod_groups and
then list each category underneath it.  I am trying to
do this using the Auto Populate function of the Layout
When I can get auto populate to work properly, I'm
only getting a total of 50 Product Groups instead of
the 80+ that I have.
I've found a few references to this on the board but
need to know Exactly where to add ml => 10000 on the
layout_auto page (if that's where the change even
goes!).  I have tried so many different things to no
avail.  I'm thinking it has something to do with these
lines but I just can't seem to get anything to work
 my $selector = '';
 my $selcode = '';
 my %area_defaults = (
  name => undef,
  which_page => $CGI->{which_page} || 'all',
  sort => '05',
  sel => $CGI->{sel} || 'left',
  display_type => 'name',
 my %catmap;
 my $narrow;
 my $lt;
 my $search_code;
 if($CGI->{cat_type} eq 'simple') {
  $lt = 'simple';
  $selector = 'category=~CATEGORY~';
  $search_code = '';
 elsif($CGI->{cat_type} eq 'narrow') {
  $narrow = 1;
  $lt = 'simple';
  $selector = <<EOF;
I was also thinking that maybe I need to use the
complex seach but when I've tried writing the seach
I've gotten disasterous results.
Again, please forgive me if this question has an
obvious answer to you 'well-seasoned' veterans!
I'm using 5.4.2 with mysql, if that information is important.

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