[ic] Which perl version for new install?

Ron Phipps ron at endpoint.com
Wed Mar 5 02:33:21 EST 2008

DB wrote:
> I'm setting up a new server with a fresh install of Centos 5.1. I plan 
> to leave the default perl (5.8.8) in place and to compile a separate, 
> non-threaded perl for IC to use.
> Should I use the latest perl for running IC (currently 5.10.0), or is 
> there some reason to stick with 5.8.8
> Thanks!
> DB

As Jon said we've been running 5.10 on one server and I just recently installed on another server for a client.  The only issue I found was with the module Text::Query::SimpleString and there is a fix on cpan on their mailing list:  http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl5.porters/2007/07/msg126451.html .

Other then that issues it has been running several sites infe.  If you choose to use 5.10 and run into other issues please post here so we can keep an eye out for them, thanks.

Good luck!

Ron Phipps
End Point Corporation
ron at endpoint.com

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