[ic] Odd search behavior

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Tue Mar 11 09:23:58 EST 2008

I'm migrating an existing (modified foundation, 5.4.2, mysql) catalog to 
a new server. I've copied all of the templates, pages, database tables etc.

Old server: http://domain.com/cgi-bin/store/index.html

I changed the variables.txt such that the new server runs on: 

The new catalog runs fine except for one strange thing. On the old 
server, the following URL will display matches as expected:


but on the new server,


brings up no matches. Searching for ST123 on the "Small search box" 
however does work. The data in the tables appears to be identical 
between the two servers. The catalog and main error logs show nothing.

Can anyone help me figure out why this might be happening?


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