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Mon Mar 17 10:38:25 EST 2008

Phil Hughes here from Core Business Strategies.

This is just a quick note going out to all Core Business
Strategies Subscription Members.....

When I need CD and DVD duplication or replication for my
CD and DVD business audio and software consulting products, 
I always go to this company to get my CDs and DVDs made 
quickly and inexpensivly. I have been doing business with them for
years. They have been doing pro disc duplication since
1996, so they really know what they are doing. They are
Located in southern California.

short run disc duplication in professional packaging is
their specialty.

They even have a store where you can sell your CDs online.... which 
they will give you 10 with your order for the store for absolutly no charge, 
a musician's community, and tons of other no cost promotion stuff for 
indie musicians.

So if you are a musician, or a band, you gotta check them out... even if 
it is just for the no cost promo stuff they offer.

Select Here to go to The DiskFaktory - Bookmark it!


Recently they started their V.I.P. Discount Program and
issued me a Coupon Code that I can use everytime I order
from them and always get 10% off. Oh, and there is no
expiration date... yeah! It's like having a lifetime

I asked them if I could share it with my subscribers and
after a few phonecalls, they agreed!

So, if you need any CDs or DVD duplicated, replicated and
packaged inexpensivly and quickly, whether you need 10 or
10 million copies, jump over to The DiskFaktory and go to
their site. Make sure to bookmark it when you get there.

Their ordering process is really cool and easy... it is
ALL online... even uploading your artwork and disc
content. You can also mail in that stuff too if you want.

After you order, while you are checking out, enter the
code DFEPMX3 in the "Coupon/Promotion Code" box and the
discount will be applied.

Select Here to go to The DiskFaktory - Bookmark it!

If you call in your order, like if you need something that
is not on their website... tell them you have a 10%
discount code to use.

By the way, I do not get anything for this if you order
from them.... I just really feel confident when I use them
that everything will turn out great.

Oh... last thing... they have a full color disc printing
that I absolutly love because it is 600 DPI photo
quality.... which is superior to any disc printing method
out there....better than offset or silkscreen! If you want
the photo quality like I get, tell them you want something
they call "DTS Thermal Printing". One footnote is that
they use a different print method on rush orders of 3 days
or less. So make sure you clarify that you want it.

Select Here to go to The DiskFaktory - Bookmark it!

Again, that permanent discount code is DFEPMX3...

That's it for now!

Phil Hughes - Core Business Strategies

P.S. Share it with your friends if they need any disc
copies and post it around too!


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