[ic] New to Interchange, trying to upgrade from a VERY old version

Scott Courtney cto at sca.org
Sun Mar 23 11:43:51 EST 2008

On Monday 31 December 2007 14:55:21 Scott Courtney wrote:
> I'm an experienced web developer, but new to Interchange, and have been
> beating my head against the wall for weeks trying to get this working. I'm
> ashamed to have to do this, but I'm afraid I need to come crawling to the
> list for some advice. Basically, I'm trying to upgrade from an extremely
> old version of Interchange that I had nothing to do with installing, to
> version 5.4.2.


We enlisted the services of End Point Inc. to assist with this migration,
after I finally admitted to myself that -- even with great help from this
list -- I just didn't have time to become an Interchange expert for a part-time
volunteer position wherein my term ends in April. :-)

Ron Phipps from End Point did a terrific job of getting us up and running,
migrated all our data, and assisted our home office team with testing. He
also resolved several long-standing problems that had plagued us in the
old version, and added a couple of features our users had been wanting
for a while.

I wanted to post this update back to the list for two reasons. First, thanks
to all who responded to my post. Even though we ended up outsourcing the
actual migration, I was able to communicate requirements and planning with
Ron a lot better because of the knowledge I gained from this list. Second,
I wanted to publicly thank Ron and commend him for a job well done. I would
happily work with Ron again on a future Interchange project.

Thanks again to everyone for your help.

Kind regards,


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