[ic] Alias / used a second time, skipping ??

Sam Batschelet sam at westbranchresort.com
Mon Mar 24 16:27:46 EST 2008

On 3/24/08 4:45 PM, "DB" <DB at M-and-D.com> wrote:

> My interchage.cfg loads two catalogs for example:
> Catalog  one /home/user1/catalogs/one /cgi-bin/one /
> Catalog  two /home/user2/catalogs/two /cgi-bin/two /
> but when I restart IC I see the error:
> Alias / used a second time, skipping
> My apache is set up for name-based virtual hosting. Is it not allowed to
> use the "/" alias for more than one catalog per server?
> DB

Catalog  one /home/user1/catalogs/one /cgi-bin/one
Catalog  two /home/user2/catalogs/two /cgi-bin/two

Drop the closing / see if that helps


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