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Thank you Peter your suggestions worked great!



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> Hello All,
> Firstly sorry if you have seen this message a few times, I hve just set up 
> my plain text mail prog so that t will post automatically.
> This is my first post, I have gained a lot of answers from the mail, but I 
> am having difficulties with matrix.  The way I want to have a matrix set 
> up is to be able to have a unique SKU for each matrix option, I can see 
> how to add its unique SKU.  However when I add items to my cart with that 
> specific SKU (which is simply the Master SKU with an option appended to it 
> eg.. 0900053-A, 0900053-B,0900053-C), I am hoping that option specific 
> SKU# gets added to the cart.
> Secondary to this, on the cart page, the Options drop down menu gets 
> printed.  I'd like for this drop menu not to be printed, but simply the 
> option that the customer chose (text), does anybody knowhow to disable 
> that and simply print the customers choice?  I know these questions are 
> pretty basic, but I have been trying to figure these out for a while and 
> are holding up the launch of my store.
> Thanks in advance!  I saw somewhere there are new matrix options in a new 
> release, but I cannot seem to find that post.
> Best,
> JD 

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