[ic] Accounts integration with Interchange

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Wed Mar 26 16:57:01 EST 2008

Michael Curtis writes: 

> Hi all 
> I am a long term 'lurker' of this mail list and am now about to have
> another go at creating a workable e-commerce web suite using [ic] 
> I would be very interested to know if there was any account package
> integration possible with [ic]

Anything is possible. 

> I believe Dan Browning had some success with Quickbooks and I also
> believe that SQL Ledger was looked at, although I can find nothing
> recent regarding either of the two packages

I do not think there has been a lot of work done in this area recently, at 
least not 'freely' available. 

SQL Ledger Interface for Interchange is found at:
lib/Vend/Accounting/SQL_Ledger.pm   - try perldoc on that and you can see a 

For Quickbooks you could check the mailinglist, I think there has been some 
mention about this in the past 2 years, but I'm not sure. 

> Is this achievable for someone like me, a rookie?

I can't judge your skills, but on average I doubt it to be achievable for a 
rookie ... But hey surprise me ;) 

> Regards 
> Michael Curtis

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